The Property Listing Realtor tool helps stream line the process of setting up and generating sales leads for property listings.

Property Listing

Getting information all in one place on a property listing is easy. You will not have to worry about the prospect losing a Flyer, now all the information is sent through a text and easy to refer back to at all times. As simple as a text.

When a buyer comes along and sees a house listing, he or she can now text the keyword set up to 7441 for instant information. Links to mobile websites can also accompany the text message to give more details on the house. The information will automatically be sent to a sales agent. All the information in one place.

Listing information includes the address, price, and the number of bed and baths. The seller can also write their own custom details, such as including if a house is close to the highway or is in a good school district.


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